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How to convert binance cryptocurrency exchange Crypto Currency to Cash?
Binance platform offers an easy trading to all Crypto Currencies. SLP or Small Love Potions that gain from "Axie Infinity" is one of the common assets that most people wants to convert into cash. The binance cryptocurrency exchange P2P options allows you to buy or sell Small Love Potions(SLP) or any Crypto Currencies locally. However, the prices is uncontrollable in P2P, you rely only to what buyers posted prices, most of the times prices are very low compare to what the real value is. Also, you are dealing to an unknown buyers and sellers. Just give extra precautions in dealing transaction in P2P.
Small Love Potion (SLP) transfer to years ago
Now, you can easily convert your Small Love Potions or SLP into cash in few easy steps. Follow guidelines below to encash your SLP with minimum charge using
In Mobile Apps – Click Convert.
From your Binance Dashboard, click "Portfolio" to check all your assets and then click "Convert". From the image on the right, input desired value of SLP you want to convert, just take note with the minimum value stated. Once ready, click "Preview Conversion" and it will direct you to confirmation page.
Check XRP asset in your account if asset transfer is successful by clicking "Overview" in your dashboard.
Your XRP asset can be found in the "Fiat and Spot" page. In your dashboard, go to "Wallet" and click "Fiat and Spot" .
Once you are ready to transfer assets to years ago Click "Withdraw" from the top menu of the screen.
Given that you already have a verified account in Please take note that your account must be verified so that account can receive payments and do all transactions.
From your dashboard, choose XRP from the menu above and then click "Receive" .
By clicking "Show my XRP Address" , QR code, wallet address and the TAG Number will show in your screen.
Important: د بانس سوال The "Tag" is the one that you will input to the "Memo" section in Binance.
Before you click "Continue" , check all details if all correct especially the Address. Make sure that you copied it correctly. "MEMO" section is fill up by "TAG" number from
If all details were filled up completely and kuwunika kosinthana kwa binance correctly, هل لدى binance رسوم verification will not take longer than 15 minutes.
Check your account if the amount is receive. You will also received email confirmations from Binance if the transaction is successful and an apps notification from if your account received a transaction .

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